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High Performance Flight Instruction

At Professional Aviation Resources, our highly qualified Flight Instructors with extensive experience and over 10,000 flight hours can assist you with excellent high performance flight instruction on your aircraft.

Our high performance flight instruction is tailored to the individual Pilot with ground and flight training customized for the aircraft you will be operating. Your training includes instruction in the aircraft and its systems, the latest avionics, glass cockpit systems and flight management systems. (If equipped.)

Our high performance transition course is designed to train pilots on the aircraft, systems, procedures, and skills required to transition into complex and high performance aircraft.

This can include High Altitude Operations Training if your aircraft is certified for those operations.

High Performance and Complex

Whether you are buying a Cirrus, Bonanza, Malibu Meridian /Malibu Jetprop DLX, Mooney or other high performance aircraft, we look forward to assisting you with your high performance flight instruction, please call us today
at (972) 704-9575.

Call us before you buy!
Attention! If you are planning the purchase of a high performance aircraft, please contact us before you buy.

Advanced Aircraft Instruction

Our staff can greatly assist you in the process and train you on your newly purchased aircraft. Call us for details.

Advanced Avionics Instruction

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