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Cirrus Flight Training Provided

Cirrus owners expect the best because they own the aircraft that is the leader in its class. Here at Professional Aviation Resources we provide you with high quality training from our experienced Cirrus Instructor Pilots. Our Instructor Pilots will assist you in becoming proficient, competent and comfortable operating your technically advanced, high performance Cirrus aircraft. Do not settle for less than the best. Choose Professional Aviation Resources for your Cirrus training needs.

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Available Cirrus Courses

Mountain Flying Course
Recurrent Instrument Training
Recurrent VFR Training
Initial and Recurrent CAPS Training
Upset Recovery Training
Transition Training
Advanced Transition Training
Avionics Differences Training
Airframe/Powerplant Differences Training
Icing and Weather Awareness Training
Partner in Command Training

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Redbird FMX Full Motion Simulator

Cockpits Available
  • Cirrus Perspective
  • Cirrus Avidyne
  • Baron BE58 with G1000
  • Beechcraft BE76 Duchess with traditional Gauges,
    Garmin 530/430 WAAS
  • Cessna 172 with G1000
  • Cessna 172 with traditional Gauges, Garmin 530/430 WAAS
  • FAA Approved AATD Full Motion Flight Simulator
  • $85 per hour (Hobbs)
  • 4659 Westgrove Dr, Addison, TX 75001
    (By appointment for dual instruction only)

    Near Addison Pilot Shop

Redbird FMX Simulator

The Experienced Source for Cirrus Training

Experience truly is the difference. Our Lead Cirrus Instructor has over 25,000 hours of total flight time, mostly in high performance aircraft, and over 30 years of real world flying experience. Here at Professional Aviation Resources we give you experienced professional Cirrus Instruction from Flight Instructors who are experts on high performance technically advanced aircraft. We will provide you with experienced ground and flight instruction custom tailored to your training needs. Before you choose a Cirrus training provider, look at the experience of the Instructor Pilots. The real world experience of our expert Instructor Pilots will provide you the best possible quality training available in Cirrus aircraft today.

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