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At Professional Aviation Resources you will receive high quality ground and flight instruction from highly experienced flight instructors with many years of experience. Our team of independent experienced instructors are dedicated to teaching you what you need to know to be knowledgeable, safe and comfortable flying aircraft in todays complex aviation world. We can assist you in transitioning from a primary aircraft to a complex, high performance, or even turbine powered aircraft and give you the training to be comfortable and confident operating these aircraft.

  • ATP-CTP Aircraft Training
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Flight Instructor Academy
  • Instrument currency or proficiency check in Redbird Simulator
  • Cirrus Flight Instruction
  • Aircraft Management
  • Advanced Avionics ground courses
  • Transition training to single and multi-engine high performance and complex aircraft
  • Flight Review and Instrument Competency courses
  • Mountain Flying Courses

Turbine Single Engine Flight Instruction

At Professional Aviation Resources, our Turbine Single Engine Flight Training course allows you to receive advanced training in your high performance aircraft from highly experienced Flight Instructors with many years of experience in this type of aircraft.

Meridian Cockpit

We are approved by multiple aircraft insurance companies as an initial and recurrent training provider for our Turbine Single Engine Training course as well as recommended by many satified clients.

Here at Professional Aviation Resources we provide experienced ground and flight instruction from primary and secondary aviation instruction to complex and high performance airplane transition courses. Finish up courses are available for customers who have already started their training. As part of our courses we help you with important instruction you need to be comfortable owning and operating your new aircraft or your existing aircraft in a more safe and proficient manner. If you already own an aircraft and are looking to step up into a high performance, complex or just a larger aircraft we have specialists who can assist you with the process and train you in those new aircraft.

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