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Professional Aviation Resources congratulates, and appreciates the following clients that have allowed us the privilege to assist them with their flight training and have achieved their certification or goal.

Client Testimonials

"I believe receiving training from pilots with thousands of hours of experience has really helped elevate the quality of flight instruction I received at Professional Aviation Resources. Everyone at Professional Aviation Resources cares about your experience flying with them and makes sure you have an amazing experience in the world of aviation." --Michael Landrum

"From start to finish, Professional Aviation Resources was professional and accommodating to my each and every need. I highly recommend Professional Aviation Resources to any pilot in seek of training." --Cody D. Scott

"Professional Aviation Resources was great! I would highly recommend them for any flight training. Their entire staff is very knowledgeable and make you feel at ease. The structured curriculum made it easy to learn and progress throughout training. I felt prepared and comfortable when it was time for my check ride, and I still use techniques I learned when I fly today. Professional Aviation Resources maintains their equipment meticulously and provide the most competitive pricing I have found." -- Zachary B. Buschmann

"From over 45 years of flying experience (25 being a Flight Instructor), I have found that Professional Aviation Resources offers by far the most professional flight training experience. Robert Palmer uses real life scenarios drawn from his vast practical experience to create the highest quality training environment. Mr. Palmer exemplifies the strong and positive attitudes of being a teacher, a mentor, a motivator and a coach. I highly recommend Professional Aviation Resources to any new student to aviation and also to the professional pilot who is wanting to enhance and sharpen their skill set." -- Gary M. Cole

"I think training is about your instructor and the organization behind he or she. There is no question that Professional Aviation Resources has both. I found my training with them to be informative and conscientious." -- Wally D. Maya

Congratulations on your great achievements!

  • Bates, D. - Cirrus Partner in Command

  • Buschmann, B. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Corbin, J. - Airline Transport Pilot Multi-Engine

  • DeLong, E. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Hartwell, M. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Hollingsworth, A - Multi-Engine Instructor

  • Johnson, B. - Cirrus Partner in Command

  • Johnson, M. - Instrument Rating - Cirrus Perspective Transition

  • Jones, M - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Kim, K. - Airline Transport Pilot Multi-Engine

  • Landrum, M. - Private Pilot Single Engine

  • Levine, M. - Cirrus Perspective Transition

  • Maya, W. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Noyes, S. - Airline Transport Pilot

  • Okeson, M. - Private Pilot Multi-Engine

  • Runyon, F. - Private Pilot

  • Scott, C. - Multi-Engine Add On

  • Smith, T. - Airline Transport Pilot Multi-Engine

  • Stanford, J. - Private Pilot Multi-Engine

  • Steen, D. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Steen, V. - Airline Transport Pilot Multi Engine

  • Thomas, J. - Commercial Pilot Multi Engine Instrument

  • Wagner, P. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Zivanic, M. - Commericial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

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