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Professional Aviation Resources congratulates, and appreciates the following clients that have allowed us the privilege to assist them with their flight training and have achieved their certification or goal.

Client Testimonials

"The flight training that I received at Professional Aviation Resources is the best I have ever received in the 15 years since I started my journey of becoming a pilot. The personnel are the ultimate professionals and I drove across three states to conduct this flight training at Professional Aviation Resources."
David Platner
Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

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"Professional Aviation Resources (PAR) has a thorough approach to flight training and is an excellent resource to pilots. The Redbird flight simulator on site allows an extra level of proficiency while training. I enjoyed the experience with Tim Painter and Robert Palmer and will be back for more in the future."
Ben B.

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"Joe Corbin and Robert Palmer at Professional Aviation Resources (PAR) gave me the knowledge and training to be successful. Highly Recommended!"
JJ Griltz
Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

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"We congratulate Flight Instructor Torrey Zook on obtaining his Multi-Engine Instructor Certificate. His flight instructors were Robert Palmer and Joe Corbin."
Torrey Zook
Multi-Engine Instructor

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"I am glad that I selected Professional Aviation Resources for my instrument rating training! Having access to the Red Bird simulator and taking advantage of Robert Palmer’s extensive airline procedures and the training experience was beyond worth it. The use of the simulator before doing the training on the plane allowed me to be more proficient, prepared and it cut the total time needed to get my rating. The rigor coming from the airline training protocols and standards is evident as you get your training which will make me a better pilot. The DPE was very impressed during my checkride, and a big part was due to Professional Aviation Resources! I would definitely recommend Professional Aviation Resources for your aviation training!"
Manolo Centeno
Instrument Rating

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"More than flight training by Professional Aviation Resources, pilot mentorship with Robert Palmer and Joe Corbin, expertise that airline industry experience brings and a great training environment!"
David Nation
Commercial Multi-Engine Land Initial

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"The flight training provided by Professional Aviation Resources was conducted to a professional airline standard, which provided me with a much higher level of confidence than I have had going into other checkrides."
Josh Stone
Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

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"Professional Aviation Resources has great structure and flow to training. I enjoyed my time here!"
Ben Britton
Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

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"The flight training I received at Professional Aviation Resources by Robert Palmer and Jamie Chitko was thorough and passing the check ride was easy."
Darth Dockins
CFII Reinstatement

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"Great people and training! Nice to have the flight simulator for maneuvers prior to flying the aircraft."
Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

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"I had a wonderful learning experience in my Cirrus SR22 while I was studying for my instrument rating at Professional Aviation Resources. The Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIP) were all professional and very helpful. It made me a better more confident pilot."
Walker Floyd
Instrument Rating

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"After searching several months for a flight school, a friend recommended Professional Aviation Resources. The office was very nice and the staff helpful. My flight instructor, Jamie Chitko was top notch! He stressed safety and was able to impart wisdom from his thousands of flight hours. He also seemed to truly enjoy teaching student pilots!"
Mark Lanigan
Private Pilot

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"Awesome people and a great flight training organization. I would definately recommend to anyone in the Dallas area looking to get their certificates."
Chase Becker
Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

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"I believe the training I received from Jamie Chitko and the other Flight Instructors at Professional Aviation Resources during my Private and Instrument has helped elevate the quality of Commercial pilot I will become. Everyone at Professional Aviation Resources cares about the experience you receive flying with them and makes sure you also enjoy your training."
Michael Landrum
Private Pilot Single Engine and Instrument Rating

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“Having begun my instrument training with another school, I was fortunate to meet Robert Palmer one day near my hangar. After a quick chat, I knew he was the instructor for me and Professional Aviation Resources was the right training organization. A Captain for a regional airline, I knew he would teach me the “real world” and teach me how to be safe in my future flying. I should mention, I am no spring chicken with a family at home and a business to run. Robert understands this. Having a Redbird Full Motion Simulator was an important factor as well. Even though it wasn’t equipped exactly as my T182, so much of basic instrument training is procedures, the ability to reset and try again (and again; and again...) was key. When it came time to actually fly in my airplane (another plus and a rarity - why would I want to learn in some beat up 172?) I flew with Joe Corbin as well, and we clicked. So important when in the crucible of an airplane cockpit when things aren’t going well... Joe happily put up with my ability to overthink pretty much everything and bring me back to what mattered. We did short flights, long flights and flights in IMC with approaches to minimums. This last part was critical to me as I didn’t want my first time in real IMC to be solo. I think Joe enjoyed the magic of flying in and above and through clouds even more than I did. Both Rob and Joe worked patiently with me as check ride time came and made sure I was as ready as they could make me. Yesterday I became an instrument rated pilot. Not only a dream come true, but also now I can utilize my aircraft as a true business tool (as well as for pleasure).”
Eric O. Jakimier
Instrument Rating

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"Robert and his team helped me finalize my private, help me ferry my SR22, did my transition and my instrument rating. I went through many different CFI’s for my private from another group. Having worked with Professional Aviation Resources, I was able to save time and most importantly I was comfortable on my check rides and well prepared. I wanted to train with professional pilots and not someone building time."
Mark Johnson
Instrument Rating - Cirrus Perspective Transition

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"The 172 at Professional Aviation Resources is a beautifully maintained airplane and always easy to schedule. Torrey and Robert are great Flight Instructors that bring a large amount of experience to help me complete my Private Pilot License."
James Hutchinson
Private Pilot

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"I used Robert Palmer and Joe Corbin from Professional Aviation Resources for both transition training (SR22 Perspective), landing standardization and ongoing proficiency (IFR). Their Full Motion Simulator is awesome. They have so much knowledge and understanding of Cirrus Aircraft. They make me so much more competent and safe as a pilot of this wonderful aircraft. I cannot recommend them more highly!"
Marc Levine, MD
Cirrus Perspective Transition

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“We flew in for the Professional Aviation Resources Mountain Flying Course. Robert Palmer provided the ground and full motion Redbird FMX Simulator training based on our Cirrus SR22 configuration. It’s a very well-designed program with high quality instruction. Robert is a great CSIP and professional in all aspects of training, and Rachel Palmer ensured the scheduling and onsite arrangements were flawlessly managed. Many Thanks!” --Jeff Brewer

"Professional Aviation Resources is a must! The staff is professional, highly qualified and overall great Americans! It had been 11yrs since I flew an airplane let alone a Sim and Robert Palmer got me up to speed for my Airline Sim flight. He not only prepared me for the interview, he shared techniques that will serve me well in the airlines. Thanks again PAR!" --Andre Brooks

"From start to finish, Professional Aviation Resources was professional and accommodating to my each and every need. I highly recommend Professional Aviation Resources to any pilot in seek of training." --Cody D. Scott

"Professional Aviation Resources was great! I would highly recommend them for any flight training. Their entire staff is very knowledgeable and make you feel at ease. The structured curriculum made it easy to learn and progress throughout training. I felt prepared and comfortable when it was time for my check ride, and I still use techniques I learned when I fly today. Professional Aviation Resources maintains their equipment meticulously and provide the most competitive pricing I have found." -- Zachary B. Buschmann

"From over 45 years of flying experience (25 being a Flight Instructor), I have found that Professional Aviation Resources offers by far the most professional flight training experience. Robert Palmer uses real life scenarios drawn from his vast practical experience to create the highest quality training environment. Mr. Palmer exemplifies the strong and positive attitudes of being a teacher, a mentor, a motivator and a coach. I highly recommend Professional Aviation Resources to any new student to aviation and also to the professional pilot who is wanting to enhance and sharpen their skill set." -- Gary M. Cole

"I think training is about your instructor and the organization behind he or she. There is no question that Professional Aviation Resources has both. I found my training with them to be informative and conscientious." -- Wally D. Maya

Congratulations on your great achievements!

  • B, Ben - CFII

  • Bates, D. - Cirrus Partner in Command

  • Becker, C. - Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

  • Britton, B. - Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

  • Buschmann, B. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Carew, N. - Private Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Centeno, M. - Instrument Rating

  • Corbin, J. - Airline Transport Pilot Multi-Engine

  • DeLong, E. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Dockins, D. - CFII Reinstatement

  • Floyd, L. - Private Pilot

  • Floyd, W. - Instrument Rating

  • Griltz, JJ. - Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

  • Hartwell, M. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Hollingsworth, A. - Multi-Engine Instructor

  • Hutchinson, J. - Private Pilot

  • Jakimier, E. - Instrument Rating

  • Johnson, B. - Cirrus Partner in Command

  • Johnson, M. - Instrument Rating - Cirrus Perspective Transition

  • Jones, M - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Kim, K. - Airline Transport Pilot Multi-Engine

  • Landrum, M. - Private Pilot Single Engine and Instrument Rating

  • Lanigan, M. - Private Pilot

  • Levine, M. - Cirrus Perspective Transition

  • Maya, W. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Nation, D. - Commercial Multi-Engine Land Initial

  • Noyes, S. - Airline Transport Pilot

  • Okeson, M. - Private Pilot Multi-Engine

  • Platner, D. - Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

  • Rasinkangas, J. - Multi Commercial Initial

  • Runyon, F. - Private Pilot

  • Scott, C. - Multi-Engine Additional Rating

  • Smith, T. - Airline Transport Pilot Multi-Engine

  • Stanford, J. - Private Pilot Multi-Engine

  • Steen, D. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Steen, V. - Airline Transport Pilot Multi Engine

  • Stone, J. - Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

  • Thomas, J. - Commercial Pilot Multi Engine Instrument

  • V, William - Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add On

  • Wagner, P. - Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Zivanic, M. - Commericial Pilot Multi-Engine Instrument

  • Zook, T. - Multi-Engine Instructor

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